For Importers & Exporters

When is the right time to engage a logistics and compliance consultant? Using a consultant is beneficial when you need expertise and experience that your business may not have otherwise, particularly if the need is short term or project oriented. Baker Logistics specializes in international transportation and customs and trade compliance, areas many companies may be unfamiliar with, or may not have adequate resources to handle effectively. We have the experience, relationships and knowledge to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions for you without the long term commitment of in-house resources.

Baker Logistics Consulting clients benefit from our ability to:

  • Save you time and money

  • Add capacity to take on new projects or clients 

  • Provide specialist expertise

  • Accelerate progress on critical projects

  • Provide an outside perspective 

  • Reduce risk

Critical business problems we solve:

  • Excessive freight charges

  • Supplier delivery backlogs

  • Late deliveries

  • Penalties

  • Lost opportunities for sales and market share growth

Outsourcing transportation and trade operations to Baker can create a strategic advantage.

For shippers, our consulting practice includes:

  • Help for the beginning importer or exporter

  • Training on trade, transport and compliance topics

  • Air and ocean freight tender management

  • Ocean freight sourcing and procurement

  • Freight forwarder evaluation and selection - finding the right provider for you

  • Customs house brokerage evaluation and selection, balancing service and compliance requirements

  • Contract review, negotiation and implementation

  • Compliance manuals

  • Vendor performance management, KPIs and scorecards

  • Export and import trade compliance


At Baker Logistics, trusted advisors find the right solution for your needs.

As consultants, our only allegiance is to you and our only goal is the best solution for your situation.
— Lauren Pittelli