10 Tips to Succeeding with a Trade Show Overseas

10 Tips to Succeeding with a Trade Show Overseas

Shipping exhibits and samples/machinery to trade shows abroad requires careful planning to ensure goods arrive on time and within the planned budget.    Here ten tips to consider when shipping to exhibitions abroad.

1.     Consider the country in which the exhibition is taking place.  Shipping to Europe is faster and less expensive than shipping to Asia.

2.    Are you planning to sell the goods in advance?  Is this even possible considering import laws on the non-U.S. side?  Check with your freight forwarder or the official forwarder for the show.

3.    If goods are not pre-sold, are you able to sell them from the booth? Some countries restrict sales of goods imported for temporary exhibit purposes. 

4.    Is ocean freight an option for your goods? Do you have enough time to make the transit by ocean or is air freight the only possibility?  Air freight is often more costly.  

5.    Abroad the freight forwarder acts as the general service contractor.  Using your own freight forwarder will often require the goods be turned over to the Official Forwarder for customs clearance and delivery.

6.    Get a quote from both your forwarder and the Official Forwarder from your door or the show consolidation point to BOOTH including foreign customs clearance and storage for your goods prior to delivery.  And, a quote from Booth back to your door including customs clearance.    

7.    Consider the fine print.  What items are excluded in the quotation?

8.    Be sure your request for quote is for the goods, size and weight you ultimately ship.  Changes in size, weight, commodity and value all affect the final costs.

9.    What services are included once the goods are delivered to the booth? Ask for pricing for all services not included like unpacking, storage of empty crates, repacking, labor, forklifts.

10.  Get the name and weekend telephone number for the contact at the venue who will be assisting with your freight clearance and delivery.  Work to avoid surprises.

Through careful planning and thoughtful organization of the shipment, exhibiting in tradeshows abroad is an excellent way to grow your business and expand your market internationally.

Need further information on getting the most from your international trade shows? We’re always here to help.


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