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Supply Chain Snags or Full Speed Ahead? What Logistics Looks Like in 2023
News Jan 11

Industry Week 1/10/23 | Supply Chain Snags or Full Speed Ahead? What Logistics Looks Like in 2023

Now that 2022 is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to consider the top global logistics trends that will impact manufacturing businesses in 2023. Here are the issues and trends that we have in our headlights. Carrier Market Disruption Rapid supply and demand changes during the pandemic reshuffled team rosters and altered every carrier playbook. […]

News Dec 12

IndustryWeek 12/5/22 | As Trucking Rates Fall, It’s Time to Renegotiate with Carriers

After a couple years of sky-high trucking rates and tight capacity, the U.S. trucking market is finally softening. Today, retailers have too much inventory and consumer demand has dropped due to inflation and renewed spending on services. The result is weakening demand for truck capacity and falling trucking rates.  Truckload spot market rates are below […]

News Nov 8

Big Ideas to Avoid Big Increases

You’ve heard the news: FedEx has announced a 6.9% general rate increase for Express, Ground and Home Delivery services. This is the most aggressive rate increase they’ve ever announced, and it goes into effect in sixty days. In its last quarterly earnings report, FedEx reported a decline in both net revenue and in package volume. […]

News Oct 28

IndustryWeek 10/26/22 | Help! How Can I Get My Shipping Costs Down?

After two years of COVID-related supply-chain snarls, manufacturers now encounter labor rates and industrial real estate costs much higher than those experienced pre-pandemic. These cost increases are now baked into supply chains. In an unpredictable marketplace, how can a manufacturer enhance supply-chain resilience while keeping costs in line? It’s time to get tactical and benefit […]

News Sep 27

Bisnow 9/25/22 | Fedex Turmoil Another Worrying Sign

FedEx delivered a package of poor financial figures to investors this month, the latest warning sign that the e-commerce boom that drove the industrial market during the pandemic is disappearing. The company now plans to close over 100 facilities and evaluate more potential cuts as it aims to right the ship. Coming as industry leader Amazon also pulls back from its […]

News Mar 2

Industry Week 3/1/22 | Shipping Costs Rise, Transport Tightens as War Escalates in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia are creating additional challenges for shippers and manufacturers. What’s at stake and what might happen next? Transportation Impacts Conflict tends to increase ocean freight rates across the board, so the transportation cost impact will be widespread. European importers already experience historically high ocean freight rates due to […]

News Jan 13

MH & L News 01/13/22 | Overcoming Supply Chain Bottlenecks in 2022

It started with shortages of computer chips forcing automakers to temporarily shutter facilities. Then, lumber prices grew exponentially. And at some point in 2021, it’s likely that everyone in the world had to wait longer for a finished product than they would have wanted because global supply chains had been so overtaxed. We asked a […]

News Jan 13

A Change in Plans

Now that a new year has started, it’s time to reflect on last year, and to plan for 2022. Last year, unprecedented supply chain disruptions were top of mind, along with Volatility and Unpredictability. The supply chain was spotlighted in the nightly news as shippers experienced bottlenecks and delays, capacity limits, high rates, labor shortages […]


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