Baker Logistics Launches Independent Trade Consultancy

Baker Logistics Consulting has launched a new service to provide shippers, importers, exporters, forwarders and other market participants cost-effective international transportation, trade and customs compliance services. Founded and staffed by experienced industry leaders, Baker combines a practical approach to problem solving with independent, objective analysis. 

Baker’s consulting services include: new international 3PL start up,  transportation rate negotiations and procurement, freight forwarder and customs broker evaluation and selection services, and export and import trade compliance. Clients can also benefit from customized training on trade compliance and transportation topics as well as interim leadership and contract management services.

“Our consultants all have over twenty years of leadership experience in the international trade and transportation industry. The knowledge, experience and relationships we’ve developed can’t be beat. Plus, when we say we’ve been there – we’ve actually been there”, said Lauren Pittelli, Principal of Baker Logistics Consulting. 

International trade activity makes up 26% of U.S. GDP, and creates one in five jobs. “We want to provide high quality, actionable information for businesses to stay ahead of the curve” said Pittelli. “With so much going on in international trade today, it’s hard for clients to know how to proceed. Thanks to our unique offering, we know that Baker will be a trusted resource in a world where international trade is more challenging every year. Our ultimate goal is to help companies flourish as they reach more markets”.