Waiting and Anticipating 2021

As year-end approaches, I’m reflecting on this most challenging year. We’ve endured an impeachment trial, a Presidential election, contested results, racial justice protests and a pandemic that killed thousands, shut down the global economy and disrupted everyone’s life.

As I write this note most of the country is in the grip of COVID. Health concerns dictate that there won’t be the family gatherings, cookie exchanges or Christmas caroling that traditionally mark the holiday season.

Looking back over this year I realize that I’ve been …. waiting. Waiting for stability. Waiting for life and business to return to normal. 

For sure there are some hidden gifts to appreciate. The lack of travel and entertainment options means more time for family. I’ve never seen so many men out walking and biking with their kids. The nation migrated from the office to working from home, enjoying increased flexibility (and not dressing up for work). 

This year we complimented Baker’s consulting services with on-the-ground project management. We provided critical fulfillment services to the Chicago Public Schools, fulfilling and distributing 1.5 million health and safety signs to over 800 school facilities. We also began providing forwarders and carriers with Amazon FBA prep services that allow them to focus on core competencies while deepening customer relationships and capitalizing on new revenue streams. While waiting, we actually got a few things done. 

From a business perspective, looking ahead to 2021 some things now seem certain: PPE and vaccine shipping will be the major logistics focus for 2021. eCommerce growth will continue. Nearshoring and diversification from China will continue. Trade relations will be less adversarial and more stable under the Biden administration. 

As the “new normal” becomes clearer let’s all take time to appreciate the present moment and to anticipate new opportunities. What do your clients need today? Let us know how we may assist you. We’re here to support your business goals.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021,

Lauren Pittelli