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News Mar 2

Industry Week 3/1/22 | Shipping Costs Rise, Transport Tightens as War Escalates in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia are creating additional challenges for shippers and manufacturers. What’s at stake and what might happen next? Transportation Impacts Conflict tends to increase ocean freight rates across the board, so the transportation cost impact will be widespread. European importers already experience historically high ocean freight rates due to […]

News Jan 13

MH & L News 01/13/22 | Overcoming Supply Chain Bottlenecks in 2022

It started with shortages of computer chips forcing automakers to temporarily shutter facilities. Then, lumber prices grew exponentially. And at some point in 2021, it’s likely that everyone in the world had to wait longer for a finished product than they would have wanted because global supply chains had been so overtaxed. We asked a […]

News Jan 13

A Change in Plans

Now that a new year has started, it’s time to reflect on last year, and to plan for 2022. Last year, unprecedented supply chain disruptions were top of mind, along with Volatility and Unpredictability. The supply chain was spotlighted in the nightly news as shippers experienced bottlenecks and delays, capacity limits, high rates, labor shortages […]

News Jan 11

New Appointment Strengthens Sales Team

Baker Logistics Consulting Services is pleased to announce that Darrel Baxter has joined the company as Director of Business Development. In this new role, Darrel will be responsible for identifying client needs and developing tailored logistics solutions. Founder and Principal Lauren Pittelli confirmed that the appointment is part of an on-going development program. “Our business […]

News Oct 20

Industry Week 10/20/21 | As the Port of LA Expands Hours, Nimble Suppliers Seek Workarounds

Above all else, coordinate your actions with your company’s partners and customers. Properly manage both contractual obligations and expectations. An import gateway is just one link of many in a supply chain that stretches from the port to rail and truck carriers and then on to distribution centers before finally arriving at the consumer’s door.

News Apr 5

Industry Week 4/5/21 | The Suez Canal Ship is Freed, but Headaches will Linger

Options and insights to help shippers and importers navigate around the consequences of the Suez Canal blockage.

Insights Dec 21

Waiting and Anticipating 2021

Our look back on a challenging 2020, and ahead to new logistics opportunities in 2021. Are you waiting or anticipating?

MarketplaceTools and Tips Jul 22

Going Global While Staying at Home

What does a global business look like while we’re all staying at home? What are some strategies to strengthen our professional network and connect during the pandemic?


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